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B21 Running Race Series

B21 Running Race Series 2018 Registration is Open
This year run 50K or 31 Miles of BRC races to earn your Iron Runner Jacket!
Please email [email protected] with changes

B21 Running Race Series 2017
Registration is Open!

Print out a Registration Form Here
The cost to enter the B21 Race Series is $40.00 payable to Berkshire Running Center.
Registration for the B21 Series does not include your race registrations for each race.

B21 Series 2017

You Pick Your Race Schedule!

1-1 MIle Race

Green Mile June 15, 2017; Run For The Suns June 29, 2017

3-5K Races

Champions Against Child Abuse April 8, 2017; Read, Write and Run April 22, 2017;Charity Chug Run June 10, 2017*; Dash and Splash August 20, 2017; Run With Giants September 10, 2017; Sam Gomez Classic October 15, 2017

1-5 Mile/8K Race

Full Mountain Challenge September 10, 2017; Apple Squeeze September 24, 2017, Ramblefest 8K October 8, 2017

1-10K Race

May Day Races May 7, 2017; Run For the Hills October 1, 2017

1-8 Mile Race

Guido’s Great 8 August 6, 2017; Greylock Road Race September 3, 2017

1-½ Marathon Race

Steel Rail Half Marathon May 21, 2017; Ramblefest Half Marathon October 8, 2017

1-Volunteer for a BRC Race

Volunteer for any of the 25 BRC races including the Frosted Mug Series and the Summer Race Series. Races in Blue above are not BRC races.

You must run a total of 8 races from the list choices above and volunteer for 1 BRC race to earn your IRON RUNNER jacket for 2017.  You will receive a B21 Singlet just for entering!  To get credit for your races simply tag BRC in a facebook post telling us you ran a race!  Not on facebook, send us an email or stop in the store.

*Details about these races are tentative at the time, once confirmed the * will be removed.  
We do reserve the right to switch races if we feel there is a need, however every attempt will be made to keep the schedule as is.(Run for the Suns, Green Mile, Champions Against Child Abuse, Read Write and Run, Charity Chug Run, May Day 10K, Steel Rail Half Marathon, Guido's Great 8, Dash and Splash, Greylock Road Race, Ramblewild Run with Giants 5K/ Full Mountain Challenge)

**If anything is incorrect or missing please email [email protected]

B21 Running Race Series 2016
Registration is officially closed for 2016!  We have 12 races in the series!  To earn Iron Runner Status you must run 9 races and volunteer for 1 of the races in the series.  
2016 B21 Results are listed below!  If you are registered to volunteer for a race it shows up as a V, you won't actually get credit until you volunteer, but this is just to show those who still need to sign up to volunteer for a B21 race!

-Please email us at [email protected] if anything is missing or incorrect

The Final Tally is In!  Please check and let us know ASAP of any errors!
B21 Points After 15 RACES!!
With only 1 race left in the 2015 B21 Running Race Series!
6 runners have the chance to complete ALL 15 RACES!  26 Runners have already earned their Iron Runner Jacket!  22 additional runners can earn their Iron Runner Jackets by completing the last race on October 31.  52 Runners have earned their Long Sleeved shirts and 8 more can join that list by running on October 31.  64 runners earned their Pandana and 7 more can join them by running the Monster Dash.  Make sure you check the points to see that they are accurate!  We will order the Jackets after the last race.  Please look out for information here and on our facebook page about jacket sizing in the next couple of weeks.  Jackets and all other unclaimed awards will be handed out at our end of the season gathering (the Jingle Bell Run).

B21 Running Race Series 2015  
This years series will consist of 15 races.  Sign up for the series and get your B21 training shirt.  If you complete 8 of the 15 races you will earn a custom B21 Series Pandana.  Complete 10 of the 15 and also earn a custom B21 long sleeve running shirt.  Finally if you complete 12 of the 15 you not only get the Pandana, the long sleeve you also get a SWEET B21 Iron Runner jacket!  

Registration And Details

B21 Race Series 2015 Race #1
B21 Races Series 2015 Race #2
B21 Race Series 2015 Race #4
B21 Race Series 2015 Race #6
B21 Race Series 2015 Race #8

B21 Race Series 2015 Race #14

B21 Race Series 2014

Participants will receive a B21 Race Series shirt for entering the series. Anyone who is registered for the Race Series and completes a minimum of 6 out of the 7 races will also receive a B21 Race Series Iron Runner Jacket!

Participants results will be tracked and standings will be posted on our RESULTS page of this website.

Bonus Race!
We will score only the 7 races that are officially in the series, however we are giving participants a chance to make up the 6th race for their jacket. Participants must run at least 5 of the 7 races in the series and one of these bonus races to make their 6 races for the jacket. 

The bonus races are:
  • Lenox Loop Race
  • Dalton CRA 10K Race
  • Matty’s Run
  • Dash for Dana
  • Run for the Hills
  • Monster Dash
So that is 6 additional opportunities to race 1 race. Participants will be responsible to send an email to [email protected] to let us know that you participated in one of these events so we can look up the results and give you credit. Again, these bonus races will NOT be scored and no B21 points will be awarded for the bonus races.


Prizes will be awarded to the top overall Male and Female runners in the series, as well as age group awards (prize categories and amounts will be determined by the number of participants in the series). 

Points will be awarded as such: 

If 10 or more race series runners participate in an event the top race series finisher will be awarded 10 points, second will be 9, third will be 8 and down on the line to tenth place will earn 1 point.

If there are less than 10 race series participants at an event the first finisher will receive the number of points as participants.  (Example only 8 race series participants enter an event first place would get 8 points, second 7 and down to eighth place would get 1 point). 

You may score points for all 7 races this year. There is no minimum number of races that need to be entered to be counted towards the over all point total winners. (Example if you can accumulate more points in 4 events than anyone else accumulates in their best seven races you will be ahead of them for the prizes.)

Points are only awarded to B21 Race Series participants.  If you finish third in the race but the first two are not registered for the B21 Race Series then you would still score the top points available for that race.

Registration for the series closes just prior to the start of the Steel Rail Half Marathon. After the race has started registration will be officially closed.  Up until that point anyone may join the series and participation in any B21 Race Series event prior to registering it will be counted toward your 6 out of 7 races to receive a jacket, but you we will not retro-actively re-score points for someone who joins later. (Example, you run the Kids’ Place 5K but did not sign up for the B21 Race Series but decide to do so when you go to register for the SRHM, you will be given credit for completing the Kids’ Place race towards your 6 out 7 but you will not receive any points for the Kids’ Place race even if you placed higher than other runners who were registered prior to the Kids’ Place race.)

In the event of a tie after your best 7 races those places that are tied will split the cumulative total amount of the prizes for which they placed.

Races in the B21 Running Race Series
  • 5K Kids’ Place Race - Pittsfield, MA
  • Read, Write and Run Race - Lenox, MA
  • Steel Rail Half Marathon (13.1M) - Lanesboro, MA
  • Green Mile (1M) - Pittsfield, MA
  • Kindred GR8T (8 mile) Race  - Gt. Barrington, MA
  • Brock Trot 10K - Lenox MA
  • 5K Sam Gomez Classic  - North Adams, MA
Bonus Races: Lenox Loop Race, Dalton CRA 10k Race, Matty’s Run, Dash for Dana, Run for the Hills, Monster Dash.