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Custom Training

Contact the Berkshire Running Center today for more information on our custom training, coaching programs and complete policies.

Set a new PR, learn to run, get ready for your first marathon – meet any running goal with personalized training and custom coaching plans designed by a professional running coach of the Berkshire Running Center. We will work together to customize your training schedule. You’ll get weekly workouts tailored to your individual needs and constant feedback and recommendations from experienced running coaches for optimal performance.

Custom Training Programs

Private 5K, 10K and Half Marathon Training Programs

  • 6, 12, 15 and 20 week programs available.
  • These are for one/60 minutes per week sessions with unlimited email coaching.
Private Marathon Training Program
Number of weeks and cost varies for each individual
  • Our Custom Training Programs are very affordable starting at just $150
  • Group Training Programs start as low as $25 and are offered year-round the year
  • Private Coaching services available starting at $35/hr
  • 2-Part Payment plan available
  • Twice a week sessions available at a discounted rate
  • Two or more people, or group trainings receive discounted rate
  • Ask about discounts for Nautilus Gym members!

Training Testimonials

After 2 summers of participating in sprint triathlons, with the inability to complete the run portion without walking, I needed help: which led me to Shiobbean. I came to Shiobbean almost 50 lbs overweight, unable to run more than a couple of miles, found running painful/exhausting and pretty much gave up on the idea of successfully completing any of my races without frustration.

After 2 months improving my running has been the least of my achievements! I have kicked started my weight loss efforts like never before, decreased my blood pressure, increased my energy level, and found a really fun and supportive group of people to work out. Shiobbean’s caring, energetic, positive and no-nonsense approach is amazing, and just what I needed.  It turned me into someone who actually enjoys running and plans on completing a half marathon in June!

With her help, I know anything is possible.
Becky, Sprint Triathlete

Taking Shiobbean’s running class was an amazing experience. I went from running a couple of miles to being able to run ten miles in what seemed like a very short time. I’m planning to run my first half marathon this Spring. Shiobbean is a very motivating teacher.


Someone once told me not too long ago that I would never be a “runner” because I don’t have the” right body type”, hurtful of course. Well, I figure I have two feet I should be able to learn to run, right?

Coach Shiobbean agrees, she is not only motivating she is an inspiration. Her passion for running radiates into every coaching session and her energy is contagious. Working with Shiobbean is an exhilarating experience. Her workouts are self challenging and she mentors you every step of the way.

My favorite quote of hers, while she has us doing speed work is: “There is nothing you can’t do for one minute!” You know what? She is right. I am running! Thanks Shiobbean!

Stacy, Sprint Triathlete

From the first time I saw Shiobbean, dressed in an unlikely looking Raggedy Ann racing outfit, I knew this was a person worth getting to know. Not only was she bold and fun-loving enough to race in a costume, she managed to smoke the competition in the process. Since then I have been fortunate enough to count Shiobbean as a friend and frequent training partner. She is knowledgable and personable, with plenty of experience. She will coach you to your best performance and inspire you to be the best runner you can be, all while keeping it the positive and fun experience that running should be.

Bob Benner, MD
Marathoner, Triathlete, Josh Ironman

Very motivating! Prepare to be pushed beyond your goals and limits.

Jodie Lahey
Completed first marathon October 2009

Four months ago I was mentioning to a friend that I was interested in starting to run, she introduced me to Shiobbean. Shiobbean took me out for an initial run to get an idea where I was in my fitness level. I was only able to run for 20 minutes. Since then I have continued my training twice a week with Shiobbean and I am now able to run 6 miles in an hour, I have lost 6 lbs of fat and gained 8.7 lbs. in lean body mass. Not only have I found the best, most encouraging , supportive trainer in Berkshire County, but I know I have found a true, genuine friend for life.

Melanie Polidoro-Huber

Shiobbean's extraordinary energy and enthusiasm is infectious. She brings to our training sessions not only a wealth of athletic talent and achievement, but also a level of expectation that is rigorous and demanding. At the same time, she manages to infuse every session with an earthy sense of humor–a vital ingredient when you think you can’t make it up that last hill.

Shiobbean wastes no time. There is little idle chit chat during our training. She says clearly what she expects during a training session, and even if it sounds too difficult, with her encouragement, I find myself focusing all my energy on the task at hand, and meeting the challenge.

Completing a session with Shiobbean leaves me with a sense of accomplishment in more ways than one: I always find that I have learned several concrete things to improve my running technique and/or speed; my body lets me know that I have just worked hard and well–to the best of my ability that day; and I feel stronger and more confident than before the session. What’s more, I walk away already looking forward to our next training time together, and anticipating what’s next.

There’s no doubt about it. Shiobbean is first-class. She’s a hard worker, a top flight trainer, a pleasure to work with, and truly inspirational.

Molly Jacobs, Sprint Triathlete

Shiobbean is super as a running coach. She tailors the program to the individual, gives a lot of great running advice, great workouts and it’s fun!

Donna, Sprint Triathlete

I have always wanted to be a runner but didn’t have the confidence to get out there on the road and try it. Shiobbean not only gave me the confidence to get out there and start running, but to push beyond what I thought I was capable of achieving. I ran my first 10k last summer and plan to run my first half marathon this year.


When I ran my first triathlon 3 years ago, Shiobbean (unbeknownst to her) came to my rescue!  As I was just about to slow down to a walk with less than half a mile to the finish line, out of nowhere she ran by my side to cheer me on as I reached the final stretch. Thanks to her positive energy and support I completed the run without stopping.

As I prepare for this summer, Shiobbean has come to my rescue again, this time with The Berkshire Running Center! Her training style is highly motivating and inspirational and I cannot believe I am doing plyometrics and living to tell about it and ready for more!

My running performance and attitude toward it has definitely improved. Thanks Shiobbean!

Mary Vasquez-Slack, Sprint Triathlete