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Summer Race Series

New for 2018!  New race courses.  The races will start and finish by the Lulu Brook parking area on the other side of the PSF.  Stay tuned for details.

Week #7: The penultimate race of the season was our lowest turnout so far with 55 finishers.  The first race had 90 which was the high so far, but most have seen about 60-70 runners which is a great turnout!  Yet another different winner on the male side keeping the streak alive of  7 different winners in 7 different races for the men.  Mark Rabasco took the win in 20:42, followed by Stefan Ogle again in second at 22:02 and Zabion Powell was third for the men (4th overall) in 23:14.  Megan Anello continues her reign and this time cracked 23 minutes and was top 3 Overall in the race in a time of 22:51!  Sarah Kinney was second in 23:29 and Mary Sheehan podiums yet again with a third place finish in 25:40!  Pot Luck diner after race 8 along with awards!  BRC will bring water and pizza, plates, plastic ware and cups, everyone else who wants to stay can bring a dish to share and your favorite beverage.

Week #6: Surprise it was hot again!  Different runners seem to be coming out of the woodwork each week for the men with a different winner every week so far this season!  This week it was Stephan Foley doing the race in the middle of a long run! Foley won in a time of 20:14, second place was Stefan Ogle in 22:22 and not far behind in third was Zabion Powell in 22:43!  The women on the other hand have been mostly dominated by the same few individuals, with this weeks trio finishing 1,2,3 on multiple times this season!  Megan Anello continues to win each race of the SRS that she has run this season with a time of 23:08!  Nicole Shepardson takes second in 24:06 and Mary Sheehan with third in 25:21!

Week #5:  The humidity was back in FULL force for week 5! Last weeks runner up was able to take the victory in Week 5, Anthony Cancilla earned the overall victory in 21:03 a clear 2 minutes and 12 seconds in front of runner up Stephan Ogle (23:15).  While 15 year old Zabion Powell was third in 23:52.  The women had a much closer race with Sarah Kinney taking the W in 25:10 just  7 seconds in front of second place Nicole Shepardson (25:17).  The top three was rounded out with Mary Sheehan in 26:10.  Despite the tough conditions there were 62 finishers for week 5, only 3 more races left this summer!

Week #4:  As the summer goes on the times are getting faster!  Another new fastest time of the season was set by Scott Carpenter with a 19:03!  Scott beat out second place finisher Anthony Cancilla by 1:27 as Anthony's time of 20:30 would have put him much closer to the win last week!  Third place was taken by Zabion Powell in 22:47.  In the women's race it was a tight finish as Sarah Kinney took first in 24:23, followed by Nicole Shepardson in 24:54 and Mary Sheehan took third almost a minute back in 25:51.  We are over the hump and on the down hill side to the end of summer with only 4 weeks left in the SRS 2016!

Week #3: The heat was back on, although not quite as oppressive as week 1!  A new fastest time of the season was set by Matt Rabasco in winning the overall race in 20:12!  Second and Third were both under 22 minutes this week as last weeks winner Dan Brainerd was second improving by his time by 30 seconds to finish in 21:46, followed closely by James McMahon in 21:59.  Megan Anello continues to be the woman to beat winning for the third time in as many tries in 23:07!  Second Nicole Shepardson in 24:51an improvement of 15 seconds from week 2!  Third for the women was Mary Sheehan in 26:29!  Through 3 weeks we have had 127 different runners in the SRS 2016 and a total of 223 finishers on the season so far!

Week #2:  The weather cooled off considerably for week 2! Temperatures were in the low to mid 70's with much less humid air!  Dan Brainerd managed to pull ahead of the pack to win in 22:14 for the fastest time of the short season so far!  15 year old Aiden Santos managed to out kick 55 year old Art Reilly by 11 seconds for Second (22:35) and 3rd (22:46) respectively.  Megan Anello ran the women's fastest time of the season so far in winning the race in 23:01 good for 5th overall in the race! Sarah Kinney was second in as many weeks improving her time to 24:13 (47 seconds faster than week 1), and Nicole Shepardson took third this week in 25:06.  The point are racking up, especially in the Women's 40-49 division!
Week #1:  It was a hot way to start off with temperatures in the upper 80's and plenty of humidity!  97 registered runners for week #1!  The mens race was jam packed with Stephan Ogle pulling off the first victory of the season in 22:52, followed closely by Michael Hruby for second in 22:53! Jason Candee rounded out the top three in 23:04.  For the women Megan Anello took win #1 with a comfortable margin finishing in 23:28 for 6th overall in the race!  Second Woman was Sarah Kinney in 25:00 followed closely by Kim Gero who took Third in 25:08.  Points are based off of how many are in your division and as usual the 40-49 women dominated in numbers!

Week #8:  For the final race of the season we had a seasons fastest time set by Nick Curelop in winning the race in a time of 19:25.  Second for the men was week #1 winner Luke Breslin in 22:41 and third was Al Najimy in 23:18.  Another win for Mary Sheehan making it win #5 this year in a time of 24:42!  Second was Alice Najimy in 24:54 and third was Tami Grady 25:53.  A total of 161 different runners ran the Summer Race Series 2015!  Tami Grady was the overall points winner for the Women and Derek Powell for the Men!  Awards and Pizza were handed out after the last race and a good time was had by ALL!!  See you next year!

Week #7:  Surprise it was Hot and Humid again this week!  We had 56 finishers this week despite the heat.  Winning for the second time this summer (along with 3 seconds and a third place finish this summer) was Edson Chipalo in a time of 20:56.  James McMahon out for the first time this summer was Second in 22:17 and Luke Breslin our week #1 winner was Third in 22:29.  Mary Sheehan was First Overall for the women, for the 4th time this summer, running a 25:26 almost 1 full minute faster than her week 1 time!  Alice Najimy was Second in 25:40 and Carmel Kushi was Third in 26:08!  In total we have had more than 150 different runners so far this year at the SRS 2015!  With only one week to go the points can shift dramatically if someone doesn't show up!  Remember we do the awards, after week #8 and have pizza delivered so come prepared to stick around after the last race!

Week #6:  Nice weather, the humidity was gone, it was a bit cooler and there was a light breeze.  A new fastest time of the season was set by Mark Rabasco in 19:31 in winning the overall race!  Second place was Edson Chipalo in 20:56 and in a tie for third was Matt Rabasco and Moses Greenspan in 21:32.  Mary Sheehan continues to win on the women's side with a time of 25:24. Second place was Tami Grady in 26:25 and third went to Helen Curtin in 27:33.  Another solid turnout with 63 finishers.  In all we have had 144 different runners try out the SRS 2015 so far!  With just 2 weeks left to go the points are adding up and the age races are pretty close!  Don't forget the SRS shirts will be at the next two races, if you signed up for all 8 races make sure to pick yours up at one of the next two races or have someone pick it up for you!
SRS Points though week 6
SRS Results week #6

Week 5 Results

Week #5: The weather was much nicer tonight, almost cool for an early August night!  We had 60 finishers and some fast times tonight!  We had our first two sub 20 minute runs of the season!  Nick Curelop came back and ran 19:48 edging out last weeks winner Moses Greenspan by 7 seconds (19:55).  Third for the men was Edson Chipalo in 21:10.  Mary Sheehan ran an almost identical time to last week in winning the women's race in 25:44!  Tami Grady took the 2nd place spot in 26:20 and Carmel Kushi was third in 27:03.

SRS Points Through week 5

Week 4 Results

Week #4: Week 4 was a scorcher! An extra water stop was added due to the extreme heat and humidity!  The low turnout (47 runners) was probably due to the very warm temperatures!  Those who were brave enough to come out included our overall winner Moses Greenspan in a time of 20:26, Edson Chipalo was second in 21:01 and Morey Brown third in 23:22!  For the women it was Mary Sheehan in 25:45, Carmel Kushi in 26:38 and Tami Grady in 27:25.  It is unlikely that anyone set a PR tonight, did I mention how hot it was!

Week #3: A little bit of a let down after the record setting crowd for the B21 Series last week, but still a very respectable 61 finishers for the race!  Taking the overall win in a time of 21:01 was first SRS champion Edson Chipalo. Steady performer Morey Brown was 2nd in 22:49 and Brian Gibbons makes his first podium appearance of the series in a time of 23:14.  Lauren Farry returned to take the Women's win in a time of 24:07 which was good for 4th overall!  Mary Sheehan was second in 25:47 and thirds was Tami Grady in 26:42.  The Women's 40-49 age group and 50-59 age group are gaining the most points by far each week, with 3 weeks gone and 5 weeks to go the points race is very tight and will likely depend on who can show up every week!
SRS Points through week #3

Week #3 Results
Week #2:  This was the largest field in Summer Race Series History with 115 finishers!  As the 8th race in the B21 series it was heavily attending by those looking to earn their Iron Runner Jackets this year!  The weather was a bit cooler and the water jump dried up for this week.  Nick Curelop took the overall win in a seasons best time of 20:04, second was first time SRS participant Edson Chipalo in a time of 20:51 and third place for the men was Moses Greenspan in a time of 21:07.  The women's side saw a much closer race with Kim Gero earning the victory in 24:13 only 15 seconds ahead of runner up Kate Sanders.  Third was wrapped up by Nicole Shepardson in 24:40.
SRS Points Week 2

Week #1:  We had 65 finishers for our first race in the series, more (by 5) than we had in any of the races last season so we are off to a great start!  The weather was warm but not as humid as it can get for these races.  There was an added challenge of a water crossing this week!  The low spot on Cascade Street had at least 2" of water in the shallowest spot and much more on the sides, no way around it!  There was a second puddle just before the water stop but there was pavement in the middle to make dry passage.  Luke Breslin took the win for the men and overall for the race in a time of 22:21.  Second Place and first in the 50-59 men's category was Morey Brown in 23:01.  Third for the men was Derek Powell in 24:50 good enough for first in the 40-49 category.  In the Women's race Lauren Farry was first (third overall in the race) in a time of 24:22.  Second and Third for the women was the closet podium race with Mary Sheehan (26:20) edging out Carmel Kushi (26:25) for second place.  Updated point totals for the age categoreis can be found HERE
SRS 2015 Week #1 Results

Registration Information

The Summer Race Series: 8 Weeks
July thru August

5:30 PM Registration | 6:00pm START 
Pittsfield, State Forest, Cascade St.

  • 8 weekly races held on Wednesday nights.
  • Race, train, or run to stay fit.
  • 3.5 miles - Starts and finishes at the parking lot at the Pittsfield State Forest
  • Points series for age groups - prizes at the end
  • Anyone registering for all 8 weeks will get a Summer Race Series Tech Shirt!
Register Day of Race at the Pittsfield State Forest for single event registration.